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13: These Children Give me Hope

H turned 13 this week. Today is his party. In the past H’s Birthday Party has been a themed event that took me weeks to plan. The theme was based on his current area of interest and was meticulously designed … Continue reading

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Harnessing the power of intense interests: MJ meets StarWars

For the last couple of months H has been fascinated with Michael Jackson. He began with Thriller and Smooth Criminal, but has moved on to broaden his tastes. He loves the messages: Heal the World and Black or White. While … Continue reading

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Supporting Diversity: The Vectors of Autism Project

There is a woman named Laura Nagle, whom I have come to know both through her blog and through our sometimes witty – sometimes profound – Twitter interaction about ideas and experiences. She is Autistic, is brilliant in the areas of … Continue reading

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Contemplating Christmas: Autism and Giving to Others

I participate in a number of facebook groups. This past week one of them posted a theme on sharing Christmas gift ideas for people with additional needs. I’d like to take this on a slightly different angle (who’s surprised?!?) and … Continue reading

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The hardest day… a message to a friend

I wrote this post this past summer… for a friend. It was written in response to something she had written. It didn’t feel like the right time to release it then, but I sense that perhaps it is useful now: … Continue reading

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If and When Strategies: the power of language in parenting

I want to change something, sometimes I notice the littlest changes have the biggest impact. In this post I am sharing my consideration of the significance and implication of the words “if” and “when”. Many years ago I stumbled upon … Continue reading

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