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Like many children with autism/Autistic children, H is drawn toward routine – it gives him comfort. He seeks it out and uses it to help him make sense and order of his world. We have deliberately established family traditions, as these are in fact patterned behaviours that have a set of expectations that we can usually count upon… that, and it is fun! Our traditions are changeable and definitely not rigid – our guy brings enough of this to the table without our reinforcing it. We try to laugh at the unpredictability of our traditions and enjoy/embrace any variations or imperfections in these. When I reflect on this – I can’t help but think that I also love traditions and our special family routines and ways of doing things. It gives me a sense of belonging to something over time and a way of marking the passing of time when…

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Leah Kelley, MEd., Educator, Parent, Speaker, Social Justice Activist. Writes blog: 30 Days of Autism. Projects support social understanding & neurodiversity. Co producer of documentary: Vectors of Autism. Twitter: @leah_kelley Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/leahkelley13/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/30-Days-of-Autism-Leah-Kelley/154311301315814
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