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Aa is for Applecus and Autism: A look back at supporting language development

The other day I was reading about a mother’s excitement over her daughter’s language acquisition. It had me thinking back and remembering how that felt for us. My son is now 12 and has amazing expressive language – it took … Continue reading

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The magic of perspective and the perspective of magic: teaching sleight of mind

There can be surprising effectiveness in addressing an issue from an unexpected angle or finding another way. Thus, I have been teaching H the skills of a magician and encouraging him to do ‘magic shows‘ for friends and family. This … Continue reading

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Looking back and next steps: the power of pause

It is critical sometimes to stop and observe where we are at and to notice how H is growing and developing. The changes are small and incremental (though at times these little things can seem HUGE to us) and might … Continue reading

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“tic tacs”: a light-hearted look at autism intervention

Today I encourage you to think about tic tac candies. Yes, I mean the teensy little mints that come in the clear plastic dispenser. As a parent of a child on the Autism spectrum, I must admit that the tiny … Continue reading

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Easy Silence: I am still learning to communicate

I was once working with a child with autism… (not H) and this opportunity had me considering, I mean really considering, what it must be like to be him. He had so many challenges and did not use words to … Continue reading

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Messages from the fridge: dreams, strategies, and coping skills

Sometimes our fridge almost scares me. It is like intervention central. It can feel like it’s out of control and taking over the house – but it is also the hub of the house and it keeps us moving forward. … Continue reading

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