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Sometimes I cringe: Leaning into my discomfort

Sometimes I read something that I’ve written long ago – and I  cringe. Sometimes I am tempted to change a few words to reflect what I know now. But there is a usefulness to this. It is a way of … Continue reading

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Welcoming Your Dissent: A Poem

I am striving to listen to respond to the message I need to be welcoming to your dissent There has to be room for dissent… or the ‘yes’ is meaningless Honouring you your self-determination is not about what is easier … Continue reading

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Nurturing Neurodiversity: I cannot stop the Sea

Again and again come waves on the beach sometimes rhythmic and predictable soothing in their meter the iambic pentameter of life Then crash and tumble you are hit with the tide the rogue happening that caught you unaware there is … Continue reading

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Aspie/NT Relationships: An adult perspective on conflict resolution & listening

I am neurotypical (NT)… H’s dad, the Amazing Craig, is not. We are learning so much about ourselves from our experiences with H. We are affected deep to our core – and we have learned amazing skills to use with … Continue reading

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