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I am H…This is Autism

Related Posts: • Nurturing Neurodiversity: I cannot stop the Sea • Adding the I to IEP: H is at the table _________________________________________________________ 30 Days of Autism is a project designed to promote social understanding and offer a glimpse into the perspectives of … Continue reading

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I am so NOT a Superhero: Autism, Holiday Stress, and Making Cookies with the Kids

Originally posted on Thirty Days of Autism:
I sometimes think I would like to be a superhero – well perhaps not actually – but I have previously admitted that I am coveting the cape!!  A cape would be cool –…

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A conversation with my Dad: Buffers, Limits, and Approximating Perfection

I have at times found myself stretched thin; a brittle husk of stress – somehow hollow and too full at the same time. I have felt this with my work as a special education teacher,  I have felt this as … Continue reading

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Nurturing Neurodiversity: I cannot stop the Sea

Again and again come waves on the beach sometimes rhythmic and predictable soothing in their meter the iambic pentameter of life Then crash and tumble you are hit with the tide the rogue happening that caught you unaware there is … Continue reading

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Supporting Special Interests: Strength-based opportunities for development

H has been working on a project for weeks and weeks… I believe, however, that he has been planning it in his head for months. The potential for skill development embedded within this sort of self-directed special-interest project is enormous! … Continue reading

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A Star Trek Marathon, Waffles, and Chocolate Cake!

Today we came home from an overnight at a lovely nearby holiday destination. We stayed in a cottage – instead of the main hotel – so that Finnegan the Labradoodle could come with us. We soaked in the pools and … Continue reading

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Vectors of Autism and Alone Together: thoughts on extending social understanding

The theme of the SFU film festival was Alone Together… and how in the midst of an urban environment people can still feel isolated, solitary, and disconnected.  It is interesting that concept can be extended to have meaning the context … Continue reading

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Aaaack!! Are we Thankful? Autism and the Family Dinner Party

Originally posted on Thirty Days of Autism:
Navigating sensory issues, social stress and anxiety for children on the Autism spectrum can be a challenge at any time. However, I was recently asked by a parent for some tips or suggestions…

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Yours, Mine and Ours: autism, self-advocacy, and setting limits

Originally posted on Thirty Days of Autism:
I have been thinking about limits: the edges of ourselves… that place where we interface with the world. Our limits and where we set them are the control valves for our emotional, social,…

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Be the Change… Vectors of Autism at the SFU Alone Together Film Festival

Lately I have been so busy – I can hardly tell which side is up. I mentioned I was too busy to blog to my friend Ariane at Emma’sHopeBook and we brainstormed a few ideas. Here is a depiction of … Continue reading

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