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Relaxed and it is soo good: Meeting Sensory Needs…

It is interesting for me to consider H’s sensory needs and how these seem to have shifted and changed over time. In many ways his sensory processing differences are not as obvious in terms of needing accommodation as they once … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Aspie Room – Round Two

Ding, Ding… And we’re at it again… or maybe more like … still!! Four days ago I started a little project that was necessary so that I could move ahead with creating a much-needed office space for myself. I mentioned … Continue reading

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Welcoming Dissent… Self-advocacy, the communication hierarchy, and rethinking tone

My thinking and learning around the ideas and concepts of self-advocacy is being nudged by the work I am doing supporting educators in their inquiry projects in a Graduate Program entitled, Supporting Diverse Learners. I have been explaining the importance … Continue reading

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The link between self-understanding and self-advocacy

I can get very excited about the topic of self-advocacy. I am supporting H in his journey, but as I support his learning there are a number of things I have been pondering… Opportunities to develop self-understanding: I think part … Continue reading

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“Whisper me, Mom”: Autism and Supporting Development

When H was tiny I used to whisper words to him when we were out, because he lacked words of his own in an unfamiliar environment, or with unfamiliar people. I would lean in seamlessly – almost invisibly – so … Continue reading

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Adding the I to IEP: H is at the table

There was another first for our 13-year-old this week. We worked with the wonderful team at H’s Distributed Learning School to update his Individual Education Plan (IEP) and for the first time ever H was there to take part. He … Continue reading

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Calm… Autism and breaking the time/space continuum

There is something about childhood and the ability to lose yourself in time just witnessing the poetry in the movements of an insect or the clouds. Those small things contain the entire world. I often ponder that as adults we … Continue reading

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I am so OK with being wrong…

I am WRONG… rather often actually; I don’t know – what I don’t know – until I have found out – that I don’t know it… As convoluted as that may sound, it makes sense really. It is a relatively … Continue reading

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Preoccupation with another layer of autism stigma: Crap…this goes deep!

I have been preoccupied with the ideas of self-advocacy lately. I am so motivated to delve into this – to understand more about the developmental components and the building bricks that will support the skills of advocacy.  I know… I … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Aspie Room: Aaack! Will we ever move on from this?

H is a collector! He is a collector of facts, like the Amazing Craig (H’s Dad) and like myself! And also like me… he is a collector of stuff! We both love thrift stores and the thrill of a treasure … Continue reading

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