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Poems for the Autistic Child… Looking for Submissions

Today I have the amazing honour of sharing a bit of my poetry on Poems for the Autistic Child over at Raising Rebel Souls. If you haven’t yet checked out Heather Clark’s amazing blog… I encourage you to have a … Continue reading

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Code: A Woman with Aspergers, Empathy, and Poetic Response

Dear H: for those of us to whom words sometimes do not easily run, saunter, or even amble: we speak in code. We think in code. We construct our languages painstakingly like little Tolkiens, separated by time, distance, and space: … Continue reading

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Welcoming Your Dissent: A Poem

I am striving to listen to respond to the message I need to be welcoming to your dissent There has to be room for dissent… or the ‘yes’ is meaningless Honouring you your self-determination is not about what is easier … Continue reading

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Dear, Dear Friend: A poem for the blogosphere

Dear, Dear Friend: I await your posts… They make me laugh                                                                                            …and cry They educate me They make me wonder It seems your words come with me on my journey                                                                                                                                                           with my beloved child Sometimes your words make me feel … Continue reading

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Autism and Poetry: The restorative power of language, mindfulness, and a sensory break

For the past 3 years H has been involved in a 6-8 week Art/Science program held at the nearby Blue Heron Reserve. This is a wonderful hands-on enrichment opportunity that is offered annually by his DL school, and for a … Continue reading

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A wireless weekend and wanting what you have: The Mindfulness of Appreciation

I am just home from The Cabin. It is a long drive – about 4 hours – and it is a relief to be here and have that feeling of being back on familiar ground. I enjoyed getting away and … Continue reading

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Skeleton of Hope: building the diversity mosaic

This little blog of mine wasn’t really a planned venture. I had no idea what I was doing and no experience with blogging, but on the evening of March 29th, 2011, I decided I would take the leap and write … Continue reading

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