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Looking back and next steps: the power of pause

It is critical sometimes to stop and observe where we are at and to notice how H is growing and developing. The changes are small and incremental (though at times these little things can seem HUGE to us) and might … Continue reading

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Siblings, stress, and love: A big sister’s view of autism

I have a beautiful daughter who will be 18 next week. Nika was almost 6 when H was born. He was like having a real baby doll and she was just awesome with him. Nika was precocious and very social: … Continue reading

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Approximating typical: navigating the label “high functioning autism”

School can be a difficult place for children on the Autism spectrum. It can be particularly tricky for those who approximate typical, who seem almost to be like everyone else. These are the children who are sometimes referred to as … Continue reading

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The grounding and magic of tradition: Meddlers be advised

Like many children with autism/Autistic children, H is drawn toward routine – it gives him comfort. He seeks it out and uses it to help him make sense and order of his world. We have deliberately established family traditions, as … Continue reading

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I am so not a morning person: the time shift exigency

I am seldom up earlier than I need to be – I am not a morning person! I stay up late – way too late – because I like to have some time in my own head – and I … Continue reading

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Efforts in increasing Autism Awareness: an AA intervention…

When H was first diagnosed with autism, I remember my own parents expressing concern about the potential limitations that a label like this would put on my child. There was a time when a label was considered such a negative … Continue reading

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Tears and glimpses of the moon

So many parents of children with autism are amazingly strong and resilient. We are skilled in advocacy and educating others. We can be almost psychic in our ability to anticipate behaviours and sensory reactions, or else uncanny in our ability … Continue reading

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Avoiding discomfort vs the necessity of the mundane: the rainy Sunday Blues

My life is not particularly glamorous or exciting – but I am excited about it much of the time. Today however I am right in the thick of the mundane necessities: the things I have been letting pile up – … Continue reading

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School Based Teams, IEPs, and a Parent’s Journey with Autism

I have been reflecting over the past week about how important it is to me to share the experiences that I have had parenting a child on the Autism spectrum.  So many of them have been positive, and although they … Continue reading

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Inconsistencies, faking it, and the band-aid solution…

There have been times as a parent of a child on the Autism spectrum that I have had to adopt the fake it ’til you make it approach. At times the message that I need to convey to my child … Continue reading

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