Sunday Morning at Our House: loving ordinary

Sunnysunday.jpgCraig is streaming Bugs Bunny cartoons and I am checking emails and reading blogs.

The dining room table is shaking with his laughter – which makes it hard to type – but adds joy to my world.

I love that this man is such a fan and still cracks up at cartoons. I remember a childhood promise that I would grow up to be like that. Somehow that slipped away from me, in spite of my intent… which makes me appreciate Craig all the more.

We are sipping dark French pressed coffee, and we probably look like we are ready to engage in a game of Battleship.

We drift up… every once in a while…

Engage in a bit of conversation…

But find comfort in the quiet of our own thoughts as well…

Craig may interject a lovely bit of history about the voicings or the music of  the Looney Toons.

I share some of what I’m reading and how it intersects with my thoughts and perhaps our lives…

Craig shifts to steaming Sarah Vaughan

We are in the moment…

Simply marinating and rejuvenating in what feels like stolen time…

And connecting…

And appreciating ordinary things…

little things…

as our teenager sleeps in…

and the sun streams in the windows…

on this rare, calm, uneventful…

Sunday morning at our house…


30 Days of Autism is a project designed to promote social understanding and offer a glimpse into the perspectives of those whose lives are touched by Autism.

© Leah Kelley, Thirty Days of Autism, (2013)

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About Leah Kelley

Leah Kelley, MEd., Educator, Parent, Speaker, Social Justice Activist. Writes blog: 30 Days of Autism. Projects support social understanding & neurodiversity. Co producer of documentary: Vectors of Autism. Twitter: @leah_kelley Pinterest: Facebook:
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4 Responses to Sunday Morning at Our House: loving ordinary

  1. Damoris says:

    mmmm… that just sounds lovely. Good on you.

  2. srsalas says:

    Leah, this sounds just like J and me… only in reverse :)

  3. Leah Kelley says:

    Aw… How cool is that!

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